Church Administration

Church Council

Meet 7.30pm 2nd Tuesday each Month at Neale Street.
The administration of the Weeroona Uniting Church, Bendigo.

Church Commissions and Elders

Meet 7.30pm 3rd Tuesday each month at Neale Street


Youth and young people., Small groups. Church services for Easter and Christmas.


Pastoral care for the Church Congregation.


Outreach programs in the Church and Community. Parents and Pre-schoolers. Justice and Mission. Support rural Churches.


Women Connecting with God

10am 2nd and 4th Monday each month at Neale Street during School Terms.

Men’s Breakfast

7.30am Saturday fortnightly at Neale Street.

3 M’s.  Mr. Mrs. Miss.

8:00pm 1st Saturday monthly at Neale Street.

Lone Rangers

       Meet for lunch 1st Sunday each month at various locations.

“Uniting Ukes”

      11:00am every Tuesday of the school term in the Neale Street foyer.

      Come along with your Ukulele, and enjoy the time to learn and have fun.

“Sammy” Stamp Snippers

10am Wednesday at Neale Street.

“Cuppa and Chat”

10am Wednesday at White Hills.

      Parents and Pre-Schoolers

      10am Thursday during School Terms in the foyer of Neale Street Church, 21 Condon Street.

      Board Game Club

      5:00pm 1st Friday of each month at White Hills.


Home Fellowships


Wednesday 7.30pm


Tuesday 7.30pm. 2nd and 4th Tuesday each Month


Thursday 8.15pm




Currently the Church Choir is in recess.


Plays at the 9.15am Church Services.

Plays for special Church Services and events